The Spirit, the Soul and Their Functions

The mind of the spirit is the conscience and the mind of the flesh is the soul. The spirit is the life of men and the sparkplug of the soul. Both spirit and soul are dependent on each other for the body to function. A man without the soul is dumb, deaf and mute, and action-less; without the spirit, man is dead. Although, in death, the soul ceases to act, the spirit goes on living forever either in heaven or in hell. The spirit is to the soul what the sun is to the moon, which has no light of its own; it receives the light from the sun. The sun is the light carrier, as the spirit is the life carrier to the soul and body. In the spiritual sense, when the Spirit of God gives life to the spirit of men their soul radiates love, forgiveness, peace and joy, through their renewed mind toward God and people. However, when his soul listens to the flesh, man will act contrary to the Spirit of God. Therefore, instead of peace, joy, forgiveness and love, the soul will express emotions of anger, unforgiveness, rage, hate, for the soul is the recipient of good and evil.  When the soul is led by God’s Spirit, the world is lighted up with God’s loving-kindness and righteousness that comes from God Himself.