Two Gardens

In the beginning of time

A perfect garden was created

With beauty untold

Where sin was not a thing

To be found

In that sinless world

Man and animals harmonized

With nature in a song of perpetual

Purity and joy, as God walked

Among them in the breeze of time

Planted by the hands of God

The Garden of Eden

Blossomed with trees, flowers

Birds and butterflies, too

While a river kept it green

It was a home for Adam

To work it and care for

With a command

You must not eat certain fruit

Or you will certainly die!

Who else had heard it

If not the cunning serpent

With ideas not so good

To confuse and misguide

The mind of man?

His Broken Body

Not a sound, not a cry

They came to take Him away

In violent disarray

In the night while in the Garden

Gethsemane, that was

In intense prayer

While sweat like blood clots

Ran down His face

Swords, clubs, torches

To lighten into the dark

Of the mob’s coward way

They came, Jesus, we want

I am He, He replied

At His voice, they fell

backward to the ground

Their strength gone.

With a kiss He was marked

For trials by the authorities

Of crimes not committed

The verdict by Rome

Not guilty of the charges

Crucify Him, others cried

Rome’s deaf to the truth

Listened to the mob’s voice

Cesar, Cesar, our king

Away with Jesus

Crucify Him, crucify Him!

Pilate scourged and whipped Him

Mercilessly by the hands

Of his soldiers, one by one

In a spectacle of cruelty

Disgraced and guilty


How can it be defined?

Obscurity of the mind

No beginning, no end

Forever and ever

Grey cells wonder

This thing was, it is

And will always be

The song of eternity.

Like a sea roaring

In the tempest

In its immense power

Rocking the waters

With wrath at its best

Embracing the earth

As if one with it

Uniting it with the sky

In the horizon

Sea and earth meet

East the birth of a new day

West hello to the night

As eternity waves its banner

Existing in a forever span

A day, 1,000 years

A 1,000 years, a day.