The Heart

The muscle where life happens

Bringing the red color through

The thing we call blood

Without it we would not do.

It pumps many gallons a day

The number I cannot say.

Designed to carry the weigh

Of life to one’s body night and day.

It expresses sorrow – emotion

But it is a pump, what do you say?

Someone can break it many times

Pumping it goes without pay.

Time to Sing

Listen to the sound of spring

Calling, it is time to sing!

Colors adorning the earth

Music echoing in tunes

Varied and beautiful

All in unison- different

Bird, different tune!

Showers and flowers

April and May bring

Sounds of thunder

Sparkles of light

And winds

Awake the spring

Life to the earth it brings

Winter past

No longer a jacket

No longer a fire

The sun again shines

The earth with beautiful,

and warm rays

It is spring days

A Song

As I sing to the Savior

The wind whispers

Joy to the trees and in

A constant rhythm  

They dance to the tune

Of peace and of love   

YAHSHUA has for me

His whisper carries the tune

Far and near until

All trees clap their hands

Silently, that is to me

But expressively

To the creator

Ever so joyfully

Spreading the joy

To nature high and low

It carries the tune

In a dance to heaven

With eternal hope

And unspeakable groans

Of redemption for all!