Under God’s power

He raised the dead

Fed the crowd

Twenty loaves multiplied

For one hundred

Hungary men

Needed to survive

The famine season.

Double portion of God’s power

It was all he pleaded

Elisha, his teacher

When at his sight

He disappeared

In chariots of fire

Never to return

My father, My father

Elisha cried,

With a loud voice

Echoing to the sky

While his teacher

To him said goodbye

And the echo faded away

Slowly, slowly in his ears

As Elijah disappeared.

The Rapture

Trumpet sounds, earth tremor

Heaven opens in glorious splendor

Jesus breaks through the clouds

No time left in the hour

Arise, redemption has arrived.

I hear my name

Through the trumpet sound

In a speed of light

My body is translated

In a flight to the sky.

Angels and archangels

Lift their voices!

At Jesus’ command

Go fetch My bride

The earth dims before my eyes.

Just One Look

Simon, Peter, I mean

Under Jesus’ scrutiny

Was found denying Him-

The very essence of Truth

“I do not know the Man.”

A spokesman in his time

Failed his best friend

Not once, not twice, but thrice

In one simple line,

I do not know the Man!

A witness of His power

Miracles, resurrections

Lazarus, one of three

Peter was there to see

The blind seeing

The lame walking

Leprous healed

Thousands being fed

At the words of Jesus

Peace, be still

The sea obeyed

Transfigured before his eyes

The Son of God Himself revealed

But without a doubt,

These, Peter forgot.

The Heart

The muscle where life happens

Bringing the red color through

The thing we call blood

Without it we would not do.

It pumps many gallons a day

The number I cannot say.

Designed to carry the weigh

Of life to one’s body night and day.

It expresses sorrow – emotion

But it is a pump, what do you say?

Someone can break it many times

Pumping it goes without pay.