My Garden of Weeds

I planted a garden

So I thought to be

A garden of flowers

Day after day I watched

It grow into a garden

So I thought

A garden of flowers

Weeks of rain and sunshine

My garden I thought to be

A garden of flowers

Became a garden of weeds

Everywhere a weed

Taking away the breath

From my flowers!

Oh! I exclaimed

Eve, your first weed

Planted in God’s

Perfect garden

Has spread to my garden

The garden I thought

To be a garden of flowers

Counting Your Blessings

When all seems lost

And hopelessness sets in

When the water rises

Above your head

Life at peril

Memory at work

Count your blessings still

Count them all one by one

Faith will take its place

Hopelessness disappears

You will see God is near

Today, as He was yesteryear

Forever He will be the same

Be still and whisper His name.

Gather the stones

witnesses of your past

Count your blessings

Without missing one

In awe you will see

The work God has done

In time of your need


Unshackles and sets free

Sinners like you and me

Love, the tongue it speaks

A flower among thorns

Mending a heart being torn

A beautiful fragrance is born

The eraser of hate from man’s heart

Bitterness, not a chance

Lifting man to God

In a sound of a prayer

Forgive them Father

For them I died.

God, mankind embracing

In His awesome grace

Through YAHSHUA, His Son

Scourged and broken bones

Disfigured and rejected

Men to God He united


My Song in the night

My Joy in the day time

My Refuge in my troubles

My Savior, for me crucified

I will confess Him until I die

Lover of my soul

He died to make me whole

He suffered my body to heal

His blood shed to forgive

This, the world must know!

His name reflects love

The substance that holds

The world together

Always enduring

The test of time

Never fading away

With each step I take

Deeper it grows

My life, to Him

A living sacrifice, I gave

My Shepherd, my guide

The valleys I walk not alone

In death, I am satisfied

His presence always sure

In His arms I am secure

The Whispering Wind – The Holy Spirit

A gentle wind lowly

Whispering peace, be still

In a raging storm

Chaos all around to see

Confusion and fear

Buffing His voice

Only few hear

And understand

The end is near!

A calming breeze

Refreshing the soul

His presence bringing

Joy, many don’t know

Fear in control

His voice utters

Words of comfort

Relief to you I give

Believe and receive!

Silently, He blows

From where, no one knows

Hope to the hopeless

Who wants to know

Where to go.

The Comforter of the

throbbing heart

Who Him will seek

To know His peace


Under God’s power

He raised the dead

Fed the crowd

Twenty loaves multiplied

For one hundred

Hungary men

Needed to survive

The famine season.

Double portion of God’s power

It was all he pleaded

Elisha, his teacher

When at his sight

He disappeared

In chariots of fire

Never to return

My father, My father

Elisha cried,

With a loud voice

Echoing to the sky

While his teacher

To him said goodbye

And the echo faded away

Slowly, slowly in his ears

As Elijah disappeared.

The Rapture

Trumpet sounds, earth tremor

Heaven opens in glorious splendor

Jesus breaks through the clouds

No time left in the hour

Arise, redemption has arrived.

I hear my name

Through the trumpet sound

In a speed of light

My body is translated

In a flight to the sky.

Angels and archangels

Lift their voices!

At Jesus’ command

Go fetch My bride

The earth dims before my eyes.

Just One Look

Simon, Peter, I mean

Under Jesus’ scrutiny

Was found denying Him-

The very essence of Truth

“I do not know the Man.”

A spokesman in his time

Failed his best friend

Not once, not twice, but thrice

In one simple line,

I do not know the Man!

A witness of His power

Miracles, resurrections

Lazarus, one of three

Peter was there to see

The blind seeing

The lame walking

Leprous healed

Thousands being fed

At the words of Jesus

Peace, be still

The sea obeyed

Transfigured before his eyes

The Son of God Himself revealed

But without a doubt,

These, Peter forgot.