Sorrow Is Better Than Laughter

(Ecclesiastes 7:3)

Contrary to our thinking, Solomon in his wisdom, declares the not so obvious situation of the soul. In his analyses, he identifies the hidden truth of what seems way out of the mind of man. Judges of the soul for what we see, it shocks us to know that what we see is not what truly is. Sorrow, an expression of an unpleasant experience, is always marked on the face. It denotes sadness, in a deep emotional disturbance within, expressing outwardly, caused by a sense of loss; a condition of mournfulness. Solomon shows an interesting factor concerning this condition: sorrow is better than laughter for by sadness of face the heart is made glad; for a sad countenance is good for the heart (Ecl. 7:3). Seemly, the weight of sorrow demonstrated on the face, lifts it from the heart. The tremendous result one can experience afterward, comes with tears of joy, for it is in that time when the soul cries to God; it is in that time when man seeks God with a broken heart. Other times, life goes on without the knowledge of God.   YAHSHUA took all our sorrows and pains; He suffered all we suffer and more. At the time when sorrow from whatever situation comes to us, remember that He wore the crown of thorns, while we enjoy the roses’ fragrance.