By Your Endurance You Will Gain your life

(Luke 21:10-38)

Persistence is the key to success in every situation. There is no victory in giving up; no reward and no going forward; life will not stop for one giving up; and regrets will be the thing that will make him look back for the rest of his life. YAHSHUA, in this instance, when warning His disciples, emphasized greatly the importance of persevering amidst the troubled times. His emphasis was without a doubt, in the spiritual aspect of life. “Those who persevere to the end will be saved,” He said. When God in His wrath, cause “the powers of heaven to be shaken and the earth to totter,” it will be nothing that man could do to alleviate the consequences. Life as it was known will be no more the same.

Behold, Tax Collectors and Sinners Sitting at the Table with YAHSHUA

That was a sight to see for those self-righteous! The Pharisees were an exclusive group of people who tried to follow the Law at its letter. They were those who spied on YAHSHUA and tried Him. They were also those who cried from the tops of their lung the words, Crucify Him, crucify Him!