The Lord Waits to Be Gracious to You

(Isaiah 30:18)

Walking alone through the desert of life, in the winter season, life becomes obscure and uncertain. Doubts controls the mind with the question, Is there a God? If so, why are we suffering? They measure the existence of God by circumstances, a thing that is here today and gone tomorrow. The Prophet Jeremiah was thrown into a mire of a deep well because they did not want to hear the message against them; Daniel was thrown into the lion’s den for not denying his God; his friends were thrown into a furnace for not worshipping the Babylonian god. These servants of God walked the desert while they confidently feared and trusted God. Paul and Silas were thrown in jail for preaching the Gospel of our Lord YAHSHUA, and Peter was thrown in jail for believing YAHSHUA. Yes, the deserts of life and the winters of life are for everyone. But that does not exempt God’s presence in every circumstance life brings us; that is not a confirmation that He does not exist. The parable that YAHSHUA told concerning the two sons, one left at his own will to enjoy the world with his own inheritance. He tasted both sides of the world in his pursuit to his independence. Soon, life became to him a desert in that world that once he enjoyed while he had money. Lonely and hungry, abandoned by his friends, he was left to ponder while feeding on pigs’ food. Then when he came to himself, he said, How many hired servants of my father have enough food, and to spare, but I am perishing here of hunger! (Luke 15:17). Back home, however, his father never stopped waiting for him to come home. With the true love of a father, he longed for him day after day. In one of the days while waiting for his son, he recognized him from a distance, although his appearance was not the same as when he left home. Running to meet him, he embraced him filled with joy and forgiveness for that lost son. A change of clothes, a new sandal, and a ring were given him and once again he was established into the family with much festivity.