The Walls of Jericho

Walls are ever before us; some for protection and others as spiritual hindrance, called strongholds, sustaining our bad habits, and holding us prisoners of them. The commander of the army of the king of Syria, Naaman had a wall needing to come down, called leprosy. Refusing to bathe in the waters of the Jordan, according to Prophet Elisha’s instructions, he almost did not get healed, until he realized that there was no other way but to do what he was told. He had to wash in the Jordan River seven times for his flesh to be healed and clean. Angry with the idea, he turned and went away in a rage, rejecting the healing water of the Jordan River, because it was dirty. However, his servants counseled him to follow the prophet’s words, so he went and dipped himself seven times in the Jordan, as the man of God had commanded and his flesh was restored like that of a little child, he was now clean!  Not only Naaman’s physical life was healed, but his spiritual life was changed also because in his healing, he recognized the God of Israel to be the only true God. He said to Elisha, I pray you, let there be given to me, your servant two mules’ burden of earth. For your servant will henceforth offer neither burnt offering nor sacrifice to other gods, but only to the Lord (II Kings 5:1-19). Yes, Naaman’s wall of leprosy had to come down through the washing in the waters of the Jordan River, the river where YAHSHUA was baptized many years later.

Many of us hold on to walls that should be brought down – “a thing devoted to destruction.” We hide ourselves behind them, refusing to leave those strongholds of false security; they are to us as burial clothes, which hinder us from moving forwardly spiritually. They can be sins of iniquity- sins we inherited from our forefathers, for which YAHSHUA suffered the crushing of spirit. My friend, if you have been born again and continue living a double life, you are not only fooling yourself  but you are holding our Savior up  to contempt and shame and public disgrace, and to that the writer of the letter to the Hebrews said, For if we go on deliberately and willingly sinning after once acquiring the knowledge of the Truth, there is no longer any sacrifice left to atone for sins, but a kind of awful and fearful prospect and expectation of divine judgment and the fury of burning wrath and indignation which will consume those who put themselves in opposition [to God] (Hebrew 10:26-27). A life of faith is not an easy life to live. We can only be spiritually successful when we can walk on walls that have fallen down.

It is our choice either to rid of our walls or to keep them under the presumption of its false security. The sin of iniquity is a strong wall, because it is deeply rooted in the soul passing from generation to generation, carrying with it curses of diseases. Recognizing It, the Psalmist prayed, Let the sins of iniquity not rule over me. If you desire spiritual freedom, you can pray, Lord tear down the walls and strong holds of iniquity of my life. God is always ready to hear the prayer of a contrite heart. Isaiah 66:2b says, But this is the man to whom I will look and have regard: he who is humble and of a broken or wounded spirit, and who tremble at My word and reveres My commands.  Psalm 51 displays King David’s true repentant heart: Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity and guilt and cleanse me and make me wholly pure from my sin! Behold you desire truth in the inner being; make me therefore to know wisdom in my inmost heart; purify me with hyssop, and I shall be clean; wash me and I shall be whiter than snow…Hide  your face from my sins and blot out all my guilt and iniquities… Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me… My sacrifice to God is a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart such O God, You will not despise (Psalm 51) and that’s the promise for all of us who desires purity of heart.

My friend, don’t stay prisoner behind the walls of strongholds; there is forgiveness and freedom available for you outside those walls in YAHSHUA’S blood. His death, our life; He gave us eternity when He shed His blood- His forever living blood!


Author: Jacinta da Cruz Rodgers

I have been committed to teaching the truth of the Word of God beginning with Trans World Radio on Bonaire, N.A and Swaziland, Africa (1969-1980), then through churches in the United States in both English and Portuguese and then through ministry in Israel (2005-2006). This ministry continues through local Bible studies and outreach to the world via the internet. I have written a book about my life from that of an orphan in Brazil to missionary in 5 countries. You can find out more on the "Book" page of our blog site.

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