The Human Body

From many specks

Of unformed dust

He created the first Adam

And from his rib

He created the woman

And said, go and multiply

Fill the earth with mankind

He gave him a brain

To think and reason

A special feature

In God’s image

He created man

Equal to no

Other creature

Knitted With sinews for strength

Marrow to moisten the bones

Nerves for feelings and responses

A heart to pump blood

The matter of life

To the entire body

It’s a wonder in my mind!

Made of active cells

Dying and regenerating themselves

DNA to define their purposes

Organs for digestion

Foods in toxins out

Tis a miracle

In the space of time!

Evolution, created

To destroy the essence

Of God’s truth

Is a lie from the pit of hell

Let fish be fish

Let monkey be monkey

After their own kind

But let man be man

Created in the image

And semblance of God

A speck of dust

To earth he shall return

His spirit to God

Who gave him life.

Author: Jacinta da Cruz Rodgers

I have been committed to teaching the truth of the Word of God beginning with Trans World Radio on Bonaire, N.A and Swaziland, Africa (1969-1980), then through churches in the United States in both English and Portuguese and then through ministry in Israel (2005-2006). This ministry continues through local Bible studies and outreach to the world via the internet. I have written a book about my life from that of an orphan in Brazil to missionary in 5 countries. You can find out more on the "Book" page of our blog site.

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