Teach Us To Number Our Days

(Palm 90)

Moses, the man of God, was well acquainted with life’s brevity. Although he lived long, he saw many young fall dead in the desert through God’s wrath expressed in judgment against his people. Psalm 90 is a psalm that expresses Moses feelings from his experiences while wandering through the desert, leading his people to the Promised Land. In this psalm, he shows the intimacy he had with God by the freedom of expression directed to God. We can also see this in other instances when he pleaded for his people. The desire of Moses’s heart was for him to understand the span of life time on earth, in order to acquire a heart of wisdom. Knowing and understanding the fragility and shortness of life we can pray with Moses, “So teach us to number our days, that we may get us a heart of wisdom” (Vs. 11,12). The span of one’s life when filled with sin is rather short and unfulfilled. We read this in Ecclesiastes 7:17: be not wicked overmuch or willfully, neither be foolish -why should you die before your time? How many lives have gone before their time because of their wickedness and foolishness?  A life that lives to satisfy pleasures of the flesh is a life that does not consider its fragility and its uncertainty of existence; it is a foolish life. To live for the moment carries a weight of consequences for eternity. The fragility of this life is worthy considering in order to gain a heart of wisdom. A heart that understands the limited time span given to it to pump life is a heart that prays like the psalmist, O Lord, make me know my end and what is the measure of my days; let me know how fleeting I am. Behold, You have made my days as handbreadths, and my lifetime is as nothing in Your sight. Truly every man at his best is merely a breath! Surely every man walks to and fro- like a shadow in a pantomime; surely for futility and emptiness he is in turmoil; each one heaps up riches, not knowing who will gather them (Ps. 39:4-6).

Author: Jacinta da Cruz Rodgers

I have been committed to teaching the truth of the Word of God beginning with Trans World Radio on Bonaire, N.A and Swaziland, Africa (1969-1980), then through churches in the United States in both English and Portuguese and then through ministry in Israel (2005-2006). This ministry continues through local Bible studies and outreach to the world via the internet. I have written a book about my life from that of an orphan in Brazil to missionary in 5 countries. You can find out more on the "Book" page of our blog site.

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