My Garden of Weeds

Oh! I exclaimed

Eve, your first weed

Planted in God’s

Perfect garden

Has spread to my garden

The garden I thought

To be a garden of flowers

Uprooting the weeds

From my garden

One day I heard

My Lord saying, child,

Your life is like a garden

Created to be a perfect

Garden in My sight

But the seed of a weed

Entered your soul

No longer a perfect garden

Your life became

A garden of weeds

Like briars and thistles

Sin pierced your soul

You cried to Me

I came and took away

Your thorns and wore

Them as My crown

And made you

A garden of flowers

Sanctified to be My bride

I betrothed you

With My eternal love

And with a ring

I marked you to be Mine

Until I fly you home

There you will be

My perfect Garden!

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